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Check out our product review and the recent Huffington Post article about the Menorah Tree from one of Newsweek's '50 Most Influential Rabbis' Rabbi Brad Hirschfield here.

For a video on ease of setup click here.

The Menorah Tree provides Jewish and interfaith families for the first time with a centerpiece that is as big and as iconic as a Christmas tree but with a distinctly Jewish design.  It is an exciting and creative alternative to a typical Hanukkah bush and beautifully complements the lighting of traditional menorahs.  Our premium quality Menorah Tree promises to fill your family with a sense of pride this holiday season!  It will add a festive flair to your Hanukkah decorations.

Depending on your background, the Menorah Tree can be set up in whatever way works best for your family, by leaving it unadorned or dressing it up.  Add hundreds of intertwined lights.  Place LED candles to mark each night of the celebration.  Add Hanukkah ornaments commemorating your memories and milestones – a new tradition for your family to enjoy!  

No two will be alike. There has never been a more exciting way to celebrate the ‘Festival of Lights’!

The Menorah Tree is constructed of high quality materials including scratch-resistant aluminum and premium garland.  It is large enough to be a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday celebration but remarkably thin for easy placement in any room.  We designed the Menorah Tree to be easy to assemble, break down, and store in the off-season.  It is well constructed and will bring joy to your family year after year.

Whether reform, or conservative, or interfaith, the Menorah Tree will make your Hanukkah celebration more memorable and exciting than ever before!

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