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Setting up the Menorah Tree is Easy:

Menorah Tree

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Learn more about the Menorah Tree's quality construction - see pics from our US manufacturer.

Please note: To keep the Menorah Tree fully customizable, lights and ornaments are sold separately.   

Please see Accessories to find the perfect Hanukkah decorations for your tree.


“I keep mentioning how I'd love something to decorate for my holiday (I converted to Judaism a few years back but never quite lost the urge to decorate something green and lit-up in December). He mentioned it to me and I absolutely love the menorah tree - it will give me a change to decorate something green, light it up, and not feel guilty about playing into a Christian-based holiday when it's no longer part of my life”

 - Jamie from Pennsylvania

“I placed the order just a few minutes ago. I can't wait! Thanks for making my dream Hannukah tree come true..it's what every little reform Jewish girl dreams of"

 - Amy from North Carolina


  • Product Size: 86" H x 58"W x 2" D (without base), 16.5" D (with base)
  • Compact Shipping Box: 59" H x 12" W x 10" D
  • Shipping Box can be used to store the Menorah Tree in the off-season
  • Product Weight: 25 pounds 



  • Attach the 4 brackets to the base using the included screws
  • The cross-beam slides securely into the base without any tools required
  • Simply hand-twist each of the 9 branches into the threaded inserts in the cross beam
  • Add you own personal touches by decorating the tree with lights, ornaments, etc. 


  • Add LED lights to the top of the Menorah Tree to mark each night.
  • Add string lights as a fun way to echo the 'Festival of Lights'.
  • Add Hanukkah ornaments as a fun thing to do with your family.


** Worry-Free Money Back Guarantee **

We are confident you will love your Menorah Tree.

If for any reason prior to the beginning of Hanukkah, you are unsatisfied with your Menorah Tree, you can return it and receive a full refund. Please note that you are responsible for the cost of return shipping but there is no restocking fee.  Any purchases off affiliate web sites are governed by their own individual policies.

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