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Hanukkah is almost here: Get your Menorah Tree TOday for only $295 w/ Free Shipping!

Start a fun new family tradition and get the largest 'Tree of Life' menorah that any of your friends have ever seen.

The Menorah Tree provides Jewish and interfaith families for the first time with a centerpiece that is as iconic as a Christmas tree but with a distinctly Jewish design.  It is an exciting alternative to a Hanukkah bush and a beautiful complement to your Hanukkah decorations.

Extend your Hanukkah celebration from the candle lighting in the kitchen to the warmth of your family room.  Your kids will love you for it!

We've been all over the news.  From the New York Times and the Associated Press to Bloomberg BusinessWeek.  Check out all our press including an article by one of Newsweek's '50 Most Influential Rabbis' Rabbi Brad Hirschfield here.

The Menorah Tree comes unadorned so you can make it your own.  Keep it simple or add lights and homemade Hanukkah ornaments.  The perfect family project.

Constructed of high quality materials.  It is large enough to be a beautiful centerpiece but thin enough for easy placement in any room. 

Start a new tradition.  The Menorah Tree is easy to assemble, break down, and store in the off-season.  

Read our personal story. Create a fun, lifelong tradition for your family.  Create the kind of memories that stick! 

Move beyond a Hanukkah bush.  Finally, we have the Menorah Tree!


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