Artificial Candles Can Now Be Added to the Top of the Menorah Tree!

When we originally designed the Menorah TreeTM, our goal was to create a large- scale celebration piece that complemented the lighting of traditional Menorahs.  Given this, we weren't particularly focused on adding candles to the top of the Menorah Tree. 

But our goal has always been to make the Menorah TreeTM an option for as many families as possible and design it in such a way that it can enhance however you choose to celebrate the holidays.

What we've heard from some families is that they love the idea of a large scale, grand menorah in their house, but hanging ornaments on it just isn't for them.

So with that in mind, we created specially formulated branch toppers that you can use to hold artificial candles of your choosing.  The toppers and the different options for artificial candles can be found in Accessories. 




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