Your Kids Will Love The Menorah Tree!

Putting the Menorah Tree together is great fun for the entire family!

The first time we set up our Menorah Tree, the kids could not have been more excited.  Finally, they had something big, and beautiful, and bright for the holiday season.   For our family, we decided to add ornaments to the tree.  It's great!  Now every year, without fail, whenever any of their friends come over, the first thing they do is run directly to the Tree. They proudly point out each and every ornament in our family's tapestry - the day they were born, the ornament for when mom and dad got married, their little sister's first Hanukkah.

My wife grew up with a Christmas tree and so we decided to honor that tradition by placing all of our Hanukkah presents to the side the Menorah Tree.  The kids just love it!  They see presents from us, from their sister, from grandma and grandpa.  The look in their eyes is priceless.  

But what's priceless for two harried parents is that, unlike Christmas, Hanukkah goes on for 8 glorious nights.  The kids know that if they're not good every day, then the presents for all the remaining nights will slowly disappear.   It is a great way to teach patience, and not surprisingly, our kids morph into the most behaved children every holiday season!

Here are some of their pictures of the tree (of which they are very very proud):



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