I Grew up in a Reform or Conservative Jewish Family - Is the Menorah Tree Right For Me?

That's obviously a decision only you can make, but we like to think that there is a configuration of the Menorah Tree that works for every family.

From a design perspective, Hanukkah is the 'Festival of Lights', and there is nothing more recognizably Jewish than the menorah and the Star of David.  Our Menorah Tree elegantly combines both iconic symbols in a wonderful design.  Unlike traditional menorahs where the candles burn out quickly, the Menorah Tree echoes the miracle itself by staying lit for the entire Hanukkah celebration!

As we all know, Hanukkah only became a major Jewish holiday very recently as a way to give Jewish boys and girls something wonderful to celebrate during the holiday season.  It is a time for family and togetherness.  

The Menorah Tree is an incredibly fun way to bring the family together year after year.  

And for those kids who feel a little diminished because they don't have anything quite as bold as a Christmas tree, the Menorah Tree will fill them with a sense of wonder and pride.   That's what Hanukkah is all about.


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