See the High Quality Worksmanship required to make each Menorah Tree

We are very pleased to announce that manufacturing is complete and in a few short days the Menorah Trees will be boxed and ready to ship.

As you can see from the pictures below, the Menorah Tree is constructed of the highest quality materials.  Each piece is laser cut and then powder coated (not painted, which would easily chip) to insure a durable finish.

The Menorah Tree is designed to be a centerpiece of your holiday celebration for years to come.  

And as a reminder, it is easy to assemble and disassemble for easy storage.


Laser Cutting the Crossbeam


Laser cut and welded for a perfect fit.


Creating the Star of Davids 


Precision cut using a 2D laser and then machine pressed.  This creates a handle for the star so you will be able to attach it directly to the Menorah Tree without the use of any tools.


Powder Coating

First, all of the pieces of the Menorah Tree are placed on a conveyor belt 


Then they go into a special facility where powder is basically melted onto the surface of the metal.  This leaves a beautiful and durable finish.


Now production is complete.  In a few days the Menorah Tree will be ready to ship direct to your home.

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