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"Move over Hanukkah bush, here comes the Menorah Tree" 

Lauren Markoe, RNS

Editor's Note: In case it is unclear from the article, you can add lights to the top of the Menorah Tree, they just need to be artificial lights.

Some excerpts of the article:

"Many Christians married to Jews want a Christmas tree. What’s Christmas without one?

But for some Jewish partners, it’s just too much of a symbol of a Christian holiday to have in the house ... [The Menorah Tree was] the solution for him and his wife, Jenny, who is also Jewish but grew up with a Jewish parent, a Catholic parent and a Christmas tree she loved.

"A Menorah Tree, said Patchen, is “really just a big menorah,” an essentially Jewish object. He notes that the original menorah of ancient Judaism may well have been inspired by another Jewish symbol — the branched tree known as the “Tree of Life.

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