Toronto Star

Karen von Hahn, The Toronto Star

"Red-and-white, frosty Snowmen, Nutcrackers and even Elvis: When it comes to dressing up one’s home and table for Christmas, the many decorative themes the holiday offers seem a bottomless well. Not so for Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights that, although having been celebrated since 167 BC, has yet to find its decorative groove.
[It's]... such a missed opportunity—particularly for the growing number of mixed-faith families who yearn for the seasonal bounty of Christmas.
Enter the Menorah tree, a six-foot tall metal and Frazier pine garland chanukah ... His inspiration came less from your garden variety Christmas tree than the branched offering known in the old testament as the 'tree of life."
What appeals to me about it is that finally, in the Jewish year 5,774, at least somebody out there is coming up with some new creative notion to mark the occasion."
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