Miami Herald

"Menorah Tree Combines Two Traditions" 

Ina Cordle, Miami Herald

In this article the author discusses the genesis of the Menorah Tree and how it can be a fun addition to your celebration and complement your Hanukkah decorations.

Some excerpts:

"It’s a menorah tree — offering an alternative for Jewish or interfaith families who want to heighten their festivities while still honoring the Festival of Lights."

"We were looking for something more iconically Jewish but that would still be a centerpiece for the family ... So we surprised her with it. It addressed her need for something warm and festive, and also on a larger scale than a traditional menorah.”

“It helps our family,” he said, “and for interfaith families and others that want something big and festive, and a Hanukkah bush wasn’t for them, we thought this was an interesting alternative.”
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