A Little About Us

We originally designed the Menorah TreeTM for our family.  

We had a simple goal - to try and ramp up the celebration of Hanukkah as much as we possibly could.  Nothing is more fun than Hanukkah nights - lighting the Menorah, all the Hanukkah decorations, and opening the presents.  But at least for us, the days themselves never seemed to have that same kick.  One of our wives had also grown up with a Christmas tree as a child, and, despite both of us now raising our families in conservative Jewish homes, we wanted something as festive as a Christmas tree while still remaining distinctly Jewish.

What we wanted was something big.  Something fun.  

So we disappeared into our make-shift wood shop and hand-crafted the first Menorah Tree.  It may have lacked polish, but it didn't lack pop!  Suddenly, we had a new and exciting, and festive way to celebrate Hanukkah in a way that hadn't been done before.  A perfect family project for Jewish and interfaith families looking to complement all of our wonderful Hanukkah traditions with an iconic centerpiece.   Add lights and Hanukkah ornaments.

Fast forward a bit, and we have turned our original hand-crafted wooden design into a manufactured Menorah Tree of the highest quality.

So here we are bringing the Menorah TreeTM from our home to yours. 

We hope you love it!  We're sure you will.


- Mike and Alex (Two Brothers)

Click here to read more about the Menorah Tree, its origins, and its place in the celebration of Hanukkah.

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