Is the Menorah Tree Hard to Assemble?

The Menorah TreeTM is easy to assemble.  All that is required is a Phillips head screw-driver (not included).   

    1. Eight small screws are used attach the four brackets to the base (2 per bracket).  Once the brackets are attached and the base is vertical, no more tools are required.
    2. The crossbeam is designed to snugly fit into an opening at the top of the base.  This basically locks it in.  
    3. Next you need to insert the branches.  The branches themselves are threaded at the bottom, so all you have to do is turn the rods until they tighten into the crossbeam (no tools).  We recommend starting from the center branch and working your way out on both sides.

      Your Menorah Tree is now fully assembled!

      Add lights, ornaments, etc., as you wish. 

      When adding lights, we recommend making it a family affair. Given the number of lights, it definitely is much easier with one person holding the end of the string of lights while the other person wraps them around the tree. 

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