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We've listed a few of the more common questions we get asked. If you have a question which is not answered here then please let us know.

Is the Menorah Tree too big to fit in my room?

While the Menorah Tree is large enough to be a beautiful reminder of the Hanukkah celebration, it is deceptively thin (only 2" wide, 16.5" at the base) for easy placement.

It was designed so it could fit snugly against any wall or angled in the corner of any room.

Alternatively, given the Menorah Tree's height, you can place it behind most couches and other pieces of furniture and still have a meaningful impact on your room.  For reference, the crossbeam is 34+ inches off the ground. 



Is the Menorah Tree hard to assemble?

The Menorah TreeTM is easy to assemble.  All that is required is a Phillips head screw-driver (not included).   

    1. Eight small screws are used attach the four brackets to the base (2 per bracket).  Once the brackets are attached and the base is vertical, no more tools are required.
    2. The crossbeam is designed to snugly fit into an opening at the top of the base.  This basically locks it in.  
    3. Next you need to insert the branches.  The branches themselves are threaded at the bottom, so all you have to do is turn the rods until they tighten into the crossbeam (no tools).  We recommend starting from the center branch and working your way out on both sides.

      Your Menorah Tree is now fully assembled!

      Add lights, ornaments, etc., as you wish. 

      When adding lights, we recommend making it a family affair. Given the number of lights, it definitely is much easier with one person holding the end of the string of lights while the other person wraps them around the tree. 


      How stable is the Menorah Tree?

      The Menorah TreeTM is designed to be stable.   The brackets at the base of tree are crafted of heavyweight steel and give ample support to the crossbeam and branches.  All of the components of the tree itself are either screwed, inserted, or twisted to make an integrated whole.  You will be very happy with the quality of the construction.

      That said, the Menorah Tree is not a toy.  Standard disclaimers apply.  Just like most larger items in the home (a kitchen chair, a flat screen TV, etc.), if someone is actively trying to pull it down, it will tip over.


      Why aren't lights included?

      Given how many different ways you can set up your Menorah TreeTM (eg. white string lights, blue string lights, artificial candles, both, unlit), we knew that one configuration wouldn't likely fit the needs of all of our customers.  So instead of bundling in all of these options, and having to charge more for parts you may not be interested in, we decided to sell the tree unlit and provide links to a variety of options under Lights.

      Lights are generally inexpensive and, should you desire, can be easily added once your Menorah Tree is set up.  



      If I want to add stringed lights, how much should I buy?

      Laid out, the branches and crossbeam are approximately 40 feet in total length.  So we recommend getting at least 2x100 mini-light boxes.  But for the cleanest look, we recommend getting 300 mini-lights.  This will give you just enough lights to go up and down each branch. 

      Please see our recommended lights.


      How do you store the Menorah Tree?

      We specifically packaged the Menorah TreeTM in a high quality, reinforced box for shipping and storage.  With proper care, this box can be reused year after year.

      The box is 10" x 12" x 58" for convenient storage.   It can be stored either vertically or horizontally.


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