Why is the Menorah Tree Priced at $325

The Menorah Tree is designed to be a premium product that can be used year after year.  

Some details:

1.  The Menorah Tree is a large scale design and over 6 feet tall (but remarkably thin for easy placement in any room).

2.  It is made of premium materials including laser-cut architectural aluminum and high-quality garland.

3.  Most of the construction is done in the US by a well-respected high-quality manufacturer.  This gives us much better quality control.  

4.  The Menorah Tree is built to last for multiple years.  Unfortunately, the full cost is borne upfront.

5.  As a comparison point, high quality artificial Christmas trees typically start at $400.

6.  Large scale metal menorahs of the type typically found in office buildings can be close to $1,000.

The Menorah is priced as the high quality product that it is.  One that can be a centerpiece of your Hanukkah celebration.

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